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Métaverse / NFT

The metaverse: an alternative, fully immersive, three-dimensional universe. At Cycoma, we offer you the chance to enter this digital space by being a pioneer.

A virtual world with very real interactions.


Derived from the combination of the English terms “meta” and “universe“, the metaverse is defined as a digital space that is both collective and shared.

The concept aims to establish a tangible virtual dimension. Seen by many experts in the technology sector as the next avatar of the Internet, the metaverse merges augmented reality and digital universes.

The metaverse integrates elements such as video games, social media, online commerce, three-dimensional and immersive environments, and commercial platforms.

Métavers - Cycoma
Métavers - Cycoma


Born from the fusion of the words “meta” and “universe“, the metaverse is defined as a shared, collective virtual space.

The concept aims to create a physical virtual reality. Seen as the successor to the internet by the majority of players in the technology sector, the metaverse combines augmented reality and virtual spaces.

The metaverse combines video games, social networks, e-commerce, immersive 3D virtual worlds and marketplaces.

NFT - Cycoma

creating your NFTs.

Cycoma is at your side as you design your NFTs and guides you through every phase of your initiative.

Why should your brand develop an NFT strategy?

  • Boost your brand: strengthen your relationship with users and create new interactions.
  • Acquire new customers: attract customers from the crypto world.
  • Boost your visibility: Catch the eye of the media, engage your community and get noticed on social platforms and by the general public.

our services.

  • Bring your brand into the Web 3.0 era: Tailor-made support for a successful transition.
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies : We’ll guide you through the creation of your digital portfolio.
  • Assert your presence in the metaverse:Opt for a distinctive and remarkable 3D logo.
  • Sail in style : Get a customised avatar to explore virtual worlds.
  • Go to “Decentraland” & “Sandbox”: We make it easy to set up your business on these leading platforms.
  • Invest in the metaverse: We can help you buy or rent virtual land.
Nos services Métavers - Cycoma
Nos services Métavers - Cycoma

nos services.

  • Helping your brand move towards Web 3.0
  • Help with creating your wallet to access cryptocurrencies
  • Creation of your 3D logo for the metaverse
  • Create your own avatar to explore virtual worlds
  • Creating your company on the “Decentraland” & “Sandbox” platforms
  • Achat / location de terrain dans le métaverse

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